Leading our team is Moha Sinno, a Barcelona-based licensed realtor and relocation professional who has worked in the Spanish property market for many years.

With an international background and 14 years of financial experience, Moha worked at a Barcelona real estate agency before obtaining his Catalonia realtor license. Subsequently he formed a team of independent professionals to offer customers an end-to-end service in property purchasing and renting, obtaining Spanish residency and completing all relocation-related requirements. He currently manages a portfolio of properties in Barcelona and also assists clients in Madrid and other centers.

Moha’s priority is to deliver an outstanding client service in English, Arabic and Spanish.He also has a working knowledge of Portuguese and French. He serves both individual investors and corporate clients, working with specially selected experts to cover all the needs of international companies seeking to relocate or open a new office in Spain.

We want you to feel secure that you are taking the right decision at
the right moment in time, with no loose ends or
uncertainties. Thanks to our network of professionals, you will
always receive the correct answer to any question that arises. Our contacts and connections include lawyers, notaries, fiscal advisers and other experts in the
Spanish real estate market. They stand ready and able to help you
with insightful advice.

Our mission is simple: to ensure you experience a smooth purchasing
process and that you enjoy your Spanish property investment to the