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Golden visa

Residence Visa for Buyers of Real Estate in Spain​

Allows foreigners to live in Spain who have invested in real estate in Spain with a value equal to or greater than 500.000 euros.

VERY IMPORTANT: We cannot overstate the importance of paying the utmost attention to filling out the application and the accompanying information. INCOMPLETE OR INCORRECT APPLICATIONS WILL BE REJECTED, REQUIRING THE APPLICANT TO MAKE A NEW APPOINTMENT AT A LATER DATE.

• This visa must be applied for in person, or by a duly accredited representative.

• Application must be submitted at the earliest 90 days in advance to the expected date of travel.

• Authorization of residency that allows residency and working with in the entire national territory.

• The valid time period of the visa will be:

a) 365 days, if the purchase has already been formalized.

b) 6 months, if the purchase has not yet been formalized but there is a pre-contract with guarantee of its compliance by means of deposit or other means allowed by law formalized in a public deed.



*Note that all documents for this visa need to be in Spanish. Documents that can only be obtained in English should be translated by a Sworn Translator (click here for more information). Bring originals and photocopies of all documents and translations.

1. Visa application form (Original and photocopy): The application form must be filled and signed.

2. One passport-type photo. (White Background, 2×2″) glued to the form.

3. Passport or Travel Document. (Original and photocopy of the main page). Passport should be no older than 10 years. Please make sure your passport has at least one blank page for the new visa.

4. I.D. Card that proves your place of residence is within the jurisdiction of the Spanish Consulate of Los Angeles (Original and a photocopy). You can provide one of the following documents: U.S. Driver license, State I.D. card, Voter’s Registration Card, current Student I.D.

5. (Non-US Citizens only) Alien Registration Card or long term U.S. Visa. (Original and a photocopy).

– Holders of B-1 and B-2 Visas cannot apply in the United States; they must apply in their country of residence or country of origin.

– Applicants holding Student Visas must also submit their I-20 signed by the university on the last page and a copy of their F-1 Visa.

6. Certification of “absence of police records” (18 years of age or older) (Original, photocopy, translation into Spanish, photocopy of translation): Obtain a background check verified by fingerprint comparison. This document is valid for 3 months in reference to the date that it was issued. It must be legalized with the “Apostille of The Hague” and then translated into Spanish.

The background check can be issued by either:

(a) The U.S. Justice Department– FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation and must be legalized with the “Apostille of The Hague” by the Secretary of State in Washington D.C.


(b) The State Justice Department (all states where the applicant has resided in the last 5 years) and the document must be legalized with the “Apostille of The Hague” by the Secretary of State of said state.

See common questions and issues for details about the background check or the Apostille of The Hague.

7. Proof of sufficient economic funds for you and your family for the entire period of your residency in Spain.

8. Proof of Insurance that covers Sanitary Assistance, Accidents, Emergencies, Evacuation, Medical Repatriation, Return of Remains with complete international coverage, with ZERO (0) deductible, no co-payment. It must be from a company that is authorized to operate in Spain. No other type of insurance will be accepted. (Requirements attached) Also see common questions and issues for details.

9. Disclaimer duly signed

10. Payment of the Visa Fees is accepted with money orders. Money orders are to be addressed to the ”General Consulate of Spain Los Angeles”. Money will not be reimbursed even if the visa is not granted or is cancelled. See common questions and issues for details.

11. Certifying Documentation:

a) If the purchase has already been formalized:

A certification of Ownership and Outstanding Liens from the Land Registry which corresponds to the property or properties. The certification may include an electronic verification code for its online consultation. This certification must have been issued within 90 days prior to the visa application.

If, at the time of the visa application, the real estate acquisition is pending registration in the Land Registry, it shall be sufficient to submit the aforementioned certificate including the valid document filing entry, together with the document certifying payment of the applicable taxes. The applicant must accredit having made a property investment of 500,000 Euros free of all liens or encumbrances. The portion of the investment exceeding the required amount may be subject to liens and encumbrances.

b) If the purchase has not yet been formalized:

A pre-contract with guarantee together with a certificate from a financial institution established in Spain stating that the applicant has a non-available bank deposit with the amount necessary for the acquisition, fulfilling the agreed contract, of the indicated property or properties, including encumbrances and taxes.

• Spouse or person with an analogous affective relationship of the main applicant should submit his/ her own visa application as a family member of an investor Residence visa, with all required documents 1 – 11, plus the Marriage certificate authenticated with the Apostille of The Hague  and translated into Spanish.

• Children of the main applicant should submit his/ her own visa application as a family member of an investor Residence visa, with all required documents 1 – 11, plus the Birth certificates authenticated with the Apostille of The Hague  and translated into Spanish.

When you have finished gathering the needed documentation, you may use this Check List​​ as a guide to make sure you have everything ready for your appointment.


• Residency renewal may be issued even with existing absences exceeding six months of the year in the case of residence visas and permits to foreign investors.

Request authorization residence:

– You can apply if you already have a residence visa, and up to 90 days from its expiration date.

– Requirement for the residence permit and renewal: having travelled at least once to Spain in the period authorized to reside and maintain, at a minimum, the investment that brought about the residence visa.

– The residence authorization will be for two years, and can be renewed for successive periods of five years, provided the conditions are generating the right are maintained.

The Consulate Administration has full authority to evaluate and request more documents than those listed above. Please be informed that submitting the mentioned documents does NOT guarantee issuance of the visa. Documents presented for the visa application will not be returned.

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