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Spain Work and Business Residency

Spain work visas and business residency

are among the most prestigious yet commonly granted visa types. If you are willing to set up an entrepreneurial business in Spain or want to pursue your freelancing (Autónomo) career in Spain, you can apply for such visas. You can find many kinds of Spain work visas and business visas which have certain characteristics depending on how you would want to structure yourself and conduct your activities in Spain. As an employee, Spanish regulations forbid you to apply for an employment visa ,However, your employer can apply it  on your behalf according to the Spanish immigration laws.

We specialise on Self employed (Autonomo) residency when it comes to Work and business residency, It is a complex process that involves producing a comprehensive business plan and 3 years financial plan (we will assist you with that) but has a very high percentage of success, if done professionally. We have a 100% success rate so far. We can also assist Students who wish to convert their student visa to a self employed residency or employment residency.

The Labor Authorities in Spain are responsible for granting you work visa in Spain.

Please get in touch with us if you would like us to assess your situation and provide you with a solution.

Self-employed visa (Autónomo)

This visa can be applied from your home country or if you are student in Spain but upon approval you will have to go back to your country for stamping of your visa, however, the process can start while you are still staying in Spain.

If you are living for less than 3 years in Spain, this visa can especially help you in getting a work permit in Spain as a self employed person. Here is what you will need:

  • A comprehensive business plan which will allow you to earn the minimum Spanish wage after expenses. We will assist you in preparing this Business Plan
  • Pre-signed contracts stating that companies are willing to pay you the required amount
  • A professional CV
  • Supporting financial documents to back your financial plans
  • Related education and work experience to your propose Business plan
  • Approval of the Business Plan by Spanish Authority

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